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sumit sartaj         10/7/2010 5:06:16 AM
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh this sight is work about sikhs knowledge .sikhs community great work done by creater Submitted By: sumit sartaj

Raj Singh Marwah         7/25/2010 8:46:15 AM
Definition of Bani Dear Agia Pal Kaur, Bani means, "the words uttered by the Guru." All the verses in the Guru Granth Sahib are called "Bani". Cher Copain Agia Kaur, Les moyens de Bani, "les mots prononc├ęs par le Gourou." On appelle tous les vers dans le Monsieur de Gourou Granth "Bani". -Raj Singh Submitted By: Raj Singh Marwah

Milton Lake         5/11/2010 9:59:04 PM
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Aman Singh         3/2/2010 9:03:11 AM
Very good initiative Dear Friend, This is a wonderful initiative that you have taken. And best of all it is based on Prof Sahib Singh's explanations. One suggestion: would it be even better if the first line is actually in Gurmukhi script (ie a total of 4 lines: Gurmukhi, English transliteration, description, definitions) Just a thought. Thanks and Regards, Aman Submitted By: Aman Singh

Jyoti Relan         2/9/2010 11:14:21 PM
Thanks Hi, Thankful to you, this site is really nice...I have it my favourites allways..! Jyoti Submitted By: Jyoti Relan

penji         12/19/2009 9:00:59 AM
Nitnem Gurfateh jee i think this website is amazing, however your missing the full Nitnem, will you be putting up Jaap Sahib and Chaupai Sahib? Also in the future i would love to see Sukhmani Sahib and Asa Di Vaar on here too!.. Keep up the good work Submitted By: penji

Harjeet Singh         11/28/2009 11:16:07 PM
Fonts Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh What fonts do I need for these webpages? Submitted By: Harjeet Singh

sundeep singh         9/22/2009 12:33:07 PM
Beware of spam bots Also, please don't publish our emails in the feedback, as spammers may use them. thanks. Submitted By: sundeep singh

sundeep singh         9/22/2009 12:31:34 PM
Suggestion Your website is amazing, thank you for the seva Ji! Please also add Gurbani to each pauri, as transliteration, no matter how good, simply cannot compare with Gurmukhi. May I suggest contacting the owners of www.srigranth.org and asking them to use their Gurbani fonts etc? I appreciate your consideration of this suggestion. Submitted By: sundeep singh

pam         8/28/2009 8:47:08 AM
Thankyou Beautifulll Site. Thankyou :D Submitted By: pam

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